Mufasa Funeral Supplies

Quality Funeral Equipment at unbeatable prices!

Lowering Device

All Lowering Devices comes with a 1 year factory guarantee. The frame structure is manufactured from high quality stainless steel pipes and all internal gears are load tested and capable to withstand loading demands up to 250 kg.

Lowering Device Stand & Drapes

All our Lowering Device Stands are stainless steel and rust proof. The product is extremely durable and can withstand extensive loading. Our wrap around drapes consist of four individual sections and are custom made from high quality fabric to fit all available drape stand models. 

Lowering Device Belts

All Lowering Device Belts are manufactured from heavy duty webbed polyester which can withstand a load of up to 1000 kg. Available in Green.

Graveside Mats

Our Cemetery graveside grass mats is the most pliable, yet durable on the market. These long lasting mats are easy to clean and are available in Green and Red. Mats must be ordered in advance.

Church Trolley

Our Church Trolleys are locally manufactured from very durable and long lasting materials. All Church Trolleys are equipped with long lasting anti friction wheels and comes standard with wheel brakes.These Trolleys are cost effective and designed as a budget item.

Casket Trolley

Our Casket Trolleys are locally manufactured from very durable materials. All Casket Trolleys are equipped with anti friction wheels and brakes. These multipurpose Trolleys are suited for adults and children. Lock in 3 positions for a variety of caskets.

Coffin Stands

Our Coffin Stands are locally manufactured from 2mm hot rolled steel tubes. Extremely durable and rigid with a loading capacity of up to 80 kg each.

Coffin Stoppers

High quality and engineered for durable use.

Roller Rack

High quality folding roller rack. Easy to use in minibuses and SUV micro buses. Can support a wide verity coffin sizes.

Embalming Table

A multi-purpose table. Embalming and Dressing. Durable Fiberglass top. The four wheel lock system is optional.

Body Boxes

Manufactured with Fiberglass. Lid totally removable. Adult (2m) and Baby (0.8m)


Supreme Steel Domes - White, Gold, Maroon, Sky-Blue, Green, Charcoal, Royal Blue and Cream

Leather Dome Caskets - Pillars on corners, LED Lights & Battery included

Leather Dome Caskets (Stained) - Pillars on corners, LED Lights & Battery included